Get Printable Facebook Posters for your Page

Last updated on : October 15, 2012.

Facebook is the biggest social media site and the most popular source of marketing. Almost every business and website has a fan page on Facebook. Many times people compare two sites or entities from their Facebook likes. So, there is a big importance of Facebook likes.

Many times we see ad of a Facebook page on television, newspapers and even on Google AdWords. Offline publicity is also very helpful to increase your likes. What about using a printable poster or banner for promoting your Facebook page?

Yes! It is possible. Facebook just released a set of Printable Posters that you can printout and put inside your office, store, society or as a banner in concerts and gatherings. Also you can use them as banners on your website and link to your fan page.

Just download this pdf file and add your page link there.

There are various sizes available inside the file. Choose your best one and use it as you want!

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