RangDe.org – The best place to invest your money

Last updated on : December 16, 2012.

Thinking to invest your money and earn profit from it? Why not join Social Investment program with RangDe.org?

Yes, social investment is the best way to invest your money. Because you earn something against your investment and also help needy to start their venture. RangDe.org is India’s first Social Investment site. At RangDe, you can invest your money and make profit helping the poverty.

The above picture will surely help you to understand how RangDe works. RangDe takes money from you, gives loans to needy people and let you earn. Already lakhs of people across and out of India have joined this program and they are investing their money regularly by helping the poverty of India and help them to start their venture/s. You can have a look at the investors there.

All you need to do is just join RangDe.org and invest some money (minimum Rs.100 only) in term of MicroCredit. Please go through their FAQ section to clear your doubts regarding RangDe, your money and other things.

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