KFC India full menu with prices

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is very famous chain of restaurants in India as well as the whole world. Every one is fond of their crispy chicken items. They have around 100 outlets all over India in various shopping malls as well as their own independent outlets.

Here, I am uploading snaps of KFC India full menu I got at KFC, Koregaon Park Plaza Mall, Pune. I hope, you find this menu helpful while deciding your budget and planning accordingly while you go to KFC.

KFC India Menu:

Here is the new price menu for you. Prices are not changed much. But there is slight difference between some items. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Older KFC Menu :

I shared this menu on 18th Feb. 2013. I got it at R Deccan Mall, Pune. The menu prices are still valid for some cities in India.

I hope this KFC India Menu will help you to decide your menu before going there. Share your views about KFC.

Note : This article was updated on October 17, 2013.
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By Animish

Hi! I am an amateur blogger, WordPress & SEO practitioner from Pune, India. Apart from blogging I love hanging out, music and movies too.

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19 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    my self Alex kfc India Legal advisory(Copyright&Digital Media)
    We are Taken Complaint..

    we are inform to you this is illegal usage of Kfc Logo and kfc Property information it’s Damage our Copyright Privacy policy and copyright infringement.
    We already Complaint DMCA and Google delete this domain You also delete all data in this Website related to KFC
    Please delete all information in this website As soon as possible and Please Respond with in 15 business days below address

    KFC India Legal Media Center
    Alokh Chaand Plaza
    Road No 11
    Navi Mumbai
    Mail: alex@kfcindia.com

  2. kfc break fast is best of jaipur kfc branch is all jaipur.and all jaipur free home dealwari searvice .i like kfc.

  3. Morrari Bapu says:

    Hallo Mr. Alex, we don,t see any harm there in letting people of this country know what is the charge of each product in a KFC store. Copyright? are you joking (This is India not America). Those are clearly, as we can see, your (KFC) menu alright and not manufactured or created by some one whose intentions are dusty. This is done for the sake of the people of the country and they have every right to know how much you are going to charge from our pocket. Its our money your company is thinking about to take from us. Its been uploaded by a good responsible countrymen of India for the good intention not to damage your (KFC) image in anyway, just to give idea about the price of the product. Prices may not be accurate as KFC keeps changing it, but it solve the purpose. So cut the crappo and better intimate your employer to have a complete Price menu on there official website too.

  4. Aftab Ahmed says:

    kfc chicken is halal or not?

  5. Sunny says:

    i totally agree with Morrari there is no problem in letting people know about the price. Y dont kfc publish price including tax rate as a final round figure. we tend to buy many products looking at those postures and estimate it will cost lets say 500 but when we buy more and estimate 600 bill comes to 700 cause gov. tax 5+10+6+7 ….. ADDS UP TO BILL it is feasible to elite classes but adds confusion for marginal people.

  6. Kunal says:

    Images clear

  7. Jango CHAINED says:

    As of “3rd April 2013″ I can confirm that the prices Animish mentioned in the photos above was the exact price I was charged at KFC – Pune .

    Thank you Animish for all the info and pictures you uploaded about KFC’s Pricing it really helped me make an informed decision before leaving home about the foods items to purchase and the amount of cash I should carry before going to KFC, instead of standing in the line, picking the wrong food item, and being embarrassed because I didn’t have sufficient cash with me.

    On a side Note :
    Unlike before , KFC, now provides home delivery at a few outlets in Pune.
    I was charged an additional “12.5% VAT” & “4.944% Sales Tax” [off course this is common knowledge but I thought it would be worth mentioning]

    Thanks once again Animish.

  8. zahid says:

    many thanks, delicious mouth watering post

  9. ajit says:

    good job ..very informative and useful..

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